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Ian King  

Myself In My Friend House, (In July 2019)        

My very best friends call me Nod -- a childhood nickname which is short for Noddy.

The name Ian is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Ian is: Gift from God The Gaelic form of the name John..

The name King is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name is King is: King. King's field. Title used as a surname by the members of a royal household. Famous Bearer: American film director King Vidor.

* About Me *

About Me
--updated 20-May-2020
 My football teams I support:

* Manchester United Football Club *

Manchester United Football Club (formerly Newton Heath FC)
Official club Website

* England*

England -- The Official Web Site

*Charlton Athletic Football Club *

Charlton Athletic Football Club
Official club Website

* Scotland *

Scotland -- The Official Web Site

*Dartford Football Club *

Dartford Football Club
Official club Website

* Australia *

Australia -- The Official Web Site
Websites I have created and administered:

* Football Non League *

Football Non League    

* Global Soccer Transfers *

Global Soccer Transfers    

* Lads of the Village *

Lads Of The Village    

* Soccerking *

Books I have added data to:

* The First World Atlas Of Football *

World Atlas    

* African up Of Nations 1996 *

African Cup Of Nations 1996    

*The XIth Asian Cup 1996*

The XIth Asian Cup 1996    

*African up Of Nations 1998*

African up Of Nations 1998    
Games I have added data to:

Championship Manager 2010

Championship Manager 2010    

Championship Manager 2010

Tactical Manager 2006    

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